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Applications High Alarams
In many applications the actual liquid level of a tank may vary within a certain range all the time with no particular action needed on the part of the attendant or owner - unless a failure occurs in the operation and the level goes dangerously high or low. A float switch installed at the high and low level points will eliminate the danger of unwanted high or low level conditions. In many cases, this has proved to be a very good example of a small investment paying off big-time. You can set up the switch to automatically stop the operation at the point deemed critical and prevent spills and equipment failures.

Our single level float switches can be mounted as both high and low level devices. These simple switches are then wired to sound an alarm or send a signal to a process controller or cut power to valves and pumps through relays.

High and low levels can also be set up together in a single unit. Our multi-level float switches, in fact, can be built with multiple control levels. An example would be a process where an operating level is maintained between two distinct points by an upper float and a lower float. Yet another "high-high" float and "low-low" float can be installed on the same unit to supply high and low level alarms.

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