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Innovative Components has been in business since 1992. We are a leading manufacturer of custom liquid level float switches and temperature sensors. Our professional engineering and sales staff have more than 50 years of experience to ensure you get the best solution for your application. MORE >>

How does a Liquid Level FloatSwitch Work?

Liquid level float switches are used to measure the level of a liquid insidea container. These floats can simply indicate the level of the liquid, or theycan hold other functions like turning pumps on or off. How they are made andinstalled dictate what they will do and how they will work for you! SeeOur Video

An Innovative Leak Detector Part Keeps Revenue From Trickling Away Innovative Component’s Custom-Built Part for Stuffing Box Leak Detector Helps Keep Oil Wells Pumpingand Oil Companies Operating Efficiently.

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Liquid Adhesive Level Application A contractor was called on to come up with a solution for their customer needing to transfer an adhesive from a holding tank to a smaller tank for dispensing into containers. The problem with using a conventional float type level sensor is that the adhesive would cause the float switch… Read More >
Automatic tank level pump control using float switches Are you tired of cleaning up spills from your water tank, oil tank, or other liquid storage tank? Using a simple float switch and relay can solve this problem and save time, money, and aggravation. Whether you need to maintain a critical level in your tank or just want to… Read More >
Contractor for Universal Studios needs a level switch A contractor for Universal Studios was called upon to come up with a solution to a possible environmental issue at the park. The contractor was installing a generator on top of a concrete slab sitting atop of a 16″ catch basin. The catch basin would collect any diesel fuel in… Read More >
Is it Time for a New Liquid Level Float Switch? Liquid level sensors or float switches are used to monitor liquid levels in tanks or other vessels and are designed to react according to predefined high or low levels. Some of the ways they react are to: Warn of high or low level conditions Start or stop pumps Open or close… Read More >