Level switches used in cleaners, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, protective coatings, degreasers, greases, additives and Liquid Blending and packaging systems.

Innovative Components supplies a broad range of control products in the Chemical Processing & Storage Industry. Automated liquid handling systems utilize level controls and indicators to accomplish many tasks. Multi-level float switches control pumps, warn of dangerous level and temperature extremes and keep operators informed of optimal conditions during normal operation.

Continuous Level Monitors (CLM series) are used for accurate and reliable level information in more complex automation applications. The CLM is offered in ¼” and ½” resolution and can be supplied with digital panel meter or signal conditioner if a 4-20ma output is a requirement.

The LLTM provides a quick and accurate actual physical level reading to the operator. Visit the LLTM section for details on how the LLTM units operate or to view specifications.

Pump/Valve Control switch with junction box | 92272
Liquid Level Tape Measure Polypropylene
Continuous Level Monitor | 92200
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