Audible and visual liquid level alarms are often used float switches in tanks to provide clear warnings of high or low tank level conditions. They are often used as water level alarms and sump pump alarms. These convenient alarms are often float switch activated. We offer many standard and custom float level sensors that can be used with any of these products. Alarms are essential to work place safety and can prevent costly damage to expensive equipment and the environment. These alarms can be wall mounted and are available with various voltages including 120vac, 230vac, and 24vac . Custom configurations are available to suit your specific application. Please contact a sales engineer with any special requirements.

Key Points

  • Multiple configurations
  • Various voltages
  • Relay outputs
  • Wall mountable
  • Economical


Typical lead times are 1-3 business days
Audible Alarm
Audible Visual AlarmAudible Visual Alarm
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Visual Alarm
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