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The industrial containers…

Chemical Tank Level SensorIndustrial containers can be of varying sizes, materials, and shape depending on the use. Innovative Components has custom designed several products for the manufacturers of drums, liquid containers, and intermediate bulk containers.

A drum is a steel or plastic cylindrical container used to store and transport liquids or powder. They are typically made with a volume of 208 liters (55 gallons) and are made of steel with an outer wall that is ribbed in order to improve durability and rolling ability. These drums commonly contain oils, fuels, chemicals, or dry goods and fit perfectly on a pallet for easy transportation.

When moving bulk liquids or slurries, an intermediate bulk container is used, with a common size of 1,040 or 1,250 liters, the size of five or six 208 liter drums. One big advantage of using these intermediate containers lies with its ability to be mounted on a pallet designed to be moved with a forklift as well as being stackable, giving it the nickname of a pallet tank. IBC totes are a perfect solution to transport and store food syrups, petrochemical products, or chemicals. When they are outfitted with a plastic liner, they can be reused with different products with a long lifespan. Even after they are used, IBCs can be converted to be the basis of a home aquaponic system.

A tank is used for transporting a very large amount of liquid, gas, powder or other material. The more common volume of tanks vary from 17,500 to 26,000 liters, with select tanks smaller and larger. With such massive size, they typically are loaded and unloaded directly while in the frame filled from the top and unloaded from the bottom or side. Today, there are multiple different tanks, each tank differ in ability for their specific use, such as cooling, gas, food-grade, or silo, all with individual advantages for their respective industries.

Reports claim that “a spike in demand from downstream industries will boost revenue” in the next few years. From 2012-2017, the industry saw a bit of volatility with regards to revenue due to fluctuating gas and oil prices. With a heavy focus on steel usage, the price is anticipated to stabilize over the next five years, giving you cheaper costs to produce. As the industry grows, it also becomes more competitive, stay above the competition with our products built into your process, giving your customers just another reason to order from you.


  • Transport chemicals, water, or liquid easily
  • Store liquid or granulated food ingredients
  • Ship petrochemical products

How our tank level sensors are used in containers…

High Low Tank Level Sensor Alarm LightWhen the industrial containers are hard to see, our water level sensors can be used to give you immediate access to the amount that is within the container. Innovative components has multiple customizable products for your purpose, from type of material used to length. We can make our tank level sensors from stainless steel, or plastics. Our chemical level sensors and tank gauges come with 4 different series. The LLTM series, or liquid level tape measure, utilizes a built in tape measure to determine the tank reading. The level keeper indicator, LKI series, is a multipoint system with LED lights to display the reading. Our continuous level monitor, CLM series, is accurate to ¼”, The most accurate sensor is the ultrasonic distance and can be used in tanks up to 30ft deep. Tank Water Level Sensor Pump ControlAll of these sensors can be used to simply monitor the liquid level, or can be used in conjunction with a pump/valve control or high / low level alarms to automate the filling and emptying processes.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor – Standard Area – 30 Foot Range – ULS-150-SUltrasonic Level Sensor – Standard Area – 30 Foot Range – ULS-150-S
Ultrasonic Level Sensor – Standard Area – 14 Foot Range – ULS-301-SUltrasonic Level Sensor – Standard Area – 14 Foot Range – ULS-301-S
Ultrasonic Level Sensor – Hazardous Area – 25 Foot Range – ULS-2428-EXUltrasonic Level Sensor – Hazardous Area – 25 Foot Range – ULS-2428-EX
Tank Adapter – 2″ NPT x 30mm Delrin – for ULS-301-S
Pump Valve Control Switch
Liquid Level Tape Measure Stainless Steel
High/Low Level Switches
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