Accessories are key to every application…

We have an extensive line of accessories and key components that are essential to providing a complete solution for any liquid level application. A  standard single level float switch or a custom multi level float switch is not complete without a quality alarm or relay. Our liquid level & temperature sensing product accessories are integral and key components to every application. Audible and visual alarms provide clear warnings of high or low tank level conditions. Junction boxes and level control relays are key to controlling pumps and valves. Our line of digital panel meters work seamlessly with our continuous level sensors to provide accurate easy to read display of tank levels . If something on your float switch or level sensor breaks or needs replacing we also offer many components, fittings, adapters, switches, and tubing.



We offer a wide variety of audible and visual alarms. These alarms are often used in tanks to provide clear warnings of high or low tank level conditions. They are wall mountable and come in various voltages. Custom configurations are available to suit your specific application.


We offer a variety of relays which can be used to control pumps, valves, and alarms. Our dual level control relay adds the ability to maintain and control tank levels for filling and draining applications. Use mechanical power transfer relays to take the load of high voltage or current devices such as pumps and heaters.

Junction Boxes

Junction boxes provide a convenient location for connecting wires. They provide protection from the environment, have standard process openings, and are available with terminals. Our aluminum junction box is rated for hazardous locations and is class1 Div1 approved.

Meters & Signal Conditioners

Digital panel meters and displays are used with our continuous level floats and ultrasonic distance sensors. They give a numeric indication of the exact level in your tank and are available with optional relay, voltage, and current outputs.


We offer raw materials, fittings, tube, floats, and many other individual components that we use to make our float switches and sensors. If need a replacement part, something is lost or damaged, or you just want to make your own product, we have what you need.
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