Can we make commercial dishwashers automatic?

The Dishwasher Industry…

Commercial dishwashers are used in almost every restaurant, bar, and cafe in America. The different brands compete to release new models that are able to clean and disinfect dishes and silverware in an efficient manner with minimal water and waste. Before these quick and easy machines were popularized and affordable, each kitchen had to hire and pay someone to hand wash each plate, spoon, and fork. This led to high labor costs, wasted water and chemical cleaners, without a guarantee that each piece was actually clean. Today, the some warewashing machines are able to have multiple settings for ceramic, plastic, glass, or china, to ensure that the dishes last as long as possible.


  • High and Low Temperature Dishwashers
  • Conveyor Warewasher
  • Door / Rack Washers
  • Undercounter Dishwasher

How the level switches are used…

Our liquid level switches can be used the in manufacturing of the commercial washers by providing a reliable and efficient way to automate the washing system. Large food service operations can be lengthy, but our water level sensor switches can be used in conjunction with high and low level alarms and heater protection or used for automatic filling and draining. Innovative Components uses high quality 316 stainless steel and PTFE for clean and pure applications that are approved for food safety. We offer the ability to customize our products for your specific needs, whether wire length, material, float switch points, and mounting options.

|| Stainless Steel || LS-18-040
|| Stainless Steel || LS-11-040
Pump/Valve Control switch – 92442
High/Low Level Switches
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