Can float switches help your processing equipment?

The food and dairy processing industry…

Dairy is used in millions of products today, from milk and butter to whey and infant formula. According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation, the fourth most consumed drink is milk at 20.4 gallons per capita in the United States. With such a high amount sold each year, the industry is always looking for ways to become more efficient and cost-effective during production. Currently, a milk processing plant must go utilize drastically differing equipment, from initial milk storage to a fermentation and pasteurizers. Each machine must be precise to guarantee food safety laws are followed. For example, high temperature short time (HTST) pasteurization lasts for only 15 seconds at exactly 161.5 degrees F. The food and dairy industry is moving toward a more organic industry as consumer demands switch, this means that the age old technology and techniques are going to also have to change to account for this.


  • Milk storage vessels
  • Oil extraction machines
  • Storage Silos

How our float sensors can help…

Even though each of the machines is built for specific purposes with vastly different processes, they can all benefit from our liquid level float switches. Our thermostat control switch can utilize our food safe stainless steel to create a vat at exact temperatures. The temperature is critical to the outcome, and with our switch, we can let you know the second the temperature changes. Knowing quickly that something changed, can save money and issues down the road, an investment that will pay for itself over and over, with the ability to automatically adjust to a change in temperature. This can be crucial in equipment such as the HSTS pasteurizer heat exchanger. The refrigerated bulk tanks are used to store pasteurized or raw milk and cream. The amount of contents must be regulated to maintain a full vat, utilizing the space efficiently. Our tank level gauges, switches, and alarms can all be used in conjunction to see the content level with continuous or multi-point level indicators, automatically refill the tank with the switch, and get immediate notification when the tank is ready to go to the next step. We even have a low level alarm to give you notification when the tank is empty, all to automate your process so you can get back to what you need, saving you money on the process. No matter what your application, our passivized 316L construction assures food safe for all tanks.

Pump/Valve Control switch, passivated, w/ weld collars
High/Low Level Switches
Continuous Level Monitor | 92200
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