We can custom configure almost any of our liquid level sensors and float switches.When the standard vertical or horizontal switches don’t exactly fit into your application or meet your needs see if any of our “Special” sensors will do the job. For example, our bilge level float switch comes with a stainless steel bracket for easy mounting and a lexan slosh shield around the float to protect it from debris and turbulence.

Key Points

  • Combination Temperature/Level
  • Slosh Guards
  • Bracket Mounts
  • Rugged Cable
  • High Temp / Slurry
  • Conductivity


Most products ship in 1-3 business days except for the HTS which is about 7-10 business days

|| Bilge Level Switch || BLS-Series
|| High Temperature Slurry Switch || HTS-Series
|| Low Water Conductive Sensor || CND-Series
|| Sump Pump Switch || SPS-Series|| Sump Pump Switch || SPS-Series
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