The Drink Creation Industry…

The food and beverage industries rely on quality equipment to keep plants up and running. Today, we see a vast variety of drinks on the market, from beer and wine to seltzer and water, each process is specifically engineered to product perfection. This produces a variety of variables that must be maintained constantly in order to produce the same product every time, from ingredients and concentrations to time mixed and temperature. It can easily cause a headache for any plant manager and employee.


  • Spill containment
  • Heater protection with low level alarms
  • Automate fill cycles
  • Solenoid valve control

How float switches are used while processing beverages…

Maintaining proper fluid levels, controlling pumps and valves for filling and draining, and warning of high or low level conditions are applications that are found in every beverage processing company. Bottling, refrigeration, packaging, marking, and dispensing are critical processes that require the use of float switches and liquid level sensors. Our sensors, such as a high / low level alarm, can be used in order to quickly give employees notice and time to react before a costly spill occurs. If the level in a tank gets too high or low, it can have trouble running properly which costs the company money. It can be easily solved by automating the fill and drain processes with our pump controllers and valve actuators to create a more efficient system, no longer be unsure if the liquid has been sitting for too long before cycling on, which can be detrimental if an inspector sees. Having reliable liquid level controls are critical to energy, safety, and global infrastructure. Full automation processes can be expensive and provide way more than you need, but with our custom, made to order liquid level sensors, we can guarantee that our product can fit you tank, with multiple levels, various lengths, and a variety of mounting options. We offer high purity 316 stainless steel float switches with sanitary flanges for applications dealing directly with food and beverages. Our level controls can also incorporate temperature devices such as RTD’s, thermistors, and creep action thermostats, which play a vital role for controlling heaters and maintaining proper liquid temperatures.

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The sensors shown here consist of some standard float switch products and custom level sensors that have been used by some of our customers in this industry. They can be purchased as is or further customized to meet your needs.

|| Temperature Level Switch || Normally Open || TLS-32-101
|| Temperature Level Switch || Normally Closed || TLS-52-112
|| Temperature Level Switch || Normally Closed || TLS-32-102
|| Stainless Steel || SM-1000-SS
|| Stainless Steel || LS-31-030
|| High Temperature Slurry Switch || HTS-Series
TS-100 – Thermocouple
TS-100 – Thermistor
TS-100 – RTD
Stainless Steel switch with high temperature PTFE cable | 91929
Stainless Steel – LKI-2000-SS
Stainless Steel – CLM-2000-SS
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