Horizontal liquid level float switches are used when access to the top of the tank is not possible or ideal. Convenient mounting in the side of the tank provides the flexibility to choose the exact desired liquid level switching point. Side mount float switches are an economic choice and can be used in conjunction with high level alarms or low level alarms. The floats can be made to be mounted internally or externally, ensuring that they can be placed easily and exactly where you desire without a high amount of difficulty. Our float switches have many custom options, such as materials of construction (stainless steel and polypropylene) and SPST or SPDT reed switches.

Key Points

Economic choice

Great option for OEM’s

Various materials to choose from

Internal and external mounting available

SPST and SPDT reed switches possible


Typical lead times are 2-3 business days. The SM90 series is 3-5 business days.

What we offer

Stainless Steel Standard Single Level Horizontal Float Switches

Our stainless steel horizontal float switches are perfect in maximum temperatures of 300F and high pressure applications up to 500 or 900 PSI. A stainless steel sensor is able to be used for reliable switching in a wide variety of chemicals, oils, and water even in harsh environments. All of our models can be made with your choice of SPST and SPDT.

Brass & Buna Standard Single Level Horizontal Float Switches

Brass and Buna switches are an economical alternative to stainless steel. Our buna-N gives buoyancy and effective long term investment for tanks containing hot oils and fuel. The operating temperature for our Buna & Brass horizontal float switch has a max pressure of 150 PSI and 180F in water, 230F in oil.

Polypropylene standard single level horizontal float switches

Our least expensive material is polypropylene, but it still offers high reliability with a compact size. It has a wide compatibility with different chemicals, oils and water in an operating temp of -40F to 212F, with only SPST available.