A. Orientation

B. Mount Type




C. Comments


*Interface floats come standard with specific gravity of .95.

  Part# Material Dimensions Max PSI S.G. Operating Temp
FL-04 FL-04 316 SS 1.08" dia x 1.05" Cylinder 900 psi 0.72 -40°F to 300°F
FL-05 FL-05 316 SS 0.90" dia x 1.58" Cylinder 400 psi 0.71 -40°F to 300°F
FL-07 FL-07 316 SS 1.5" dia x 1.02" Cylinder 450 psi 0.54 -40°F to 300°F
FL-08 FL-08 316 SS 1.18" Sphere 575 psi 0.60 -40°F to 300°F
FL-11 FL-11 Buna-N .98" dia x .98" Cylinder 150 psi 0.47 180°F water (-40 to 230°F oil)
FL-12 FL-12 Buna-N .78" dia x .79" Cylinder 150 psi 0.73 180°F water (-40 to 230°F oil)
FL-31 FL-31 Buna-N .985" dia x 1.5" Cylinder 150 psi 0.50 180°F water (-40 to 230°F oil)
FL-15 FL-15 PVC 1.05" dia x 1.05" Cylinder 100 psi 0.72 -40°F to 180°F
FL-18 FL-18 Polypro (solid) .985" dia x .985" Cylinder 150 psi 0.70 -40°F to 212°F
FL-19 FL-19 Polypro (solid) .7" dia x .97" Cylinder 150 psi 0.80 -40°F to 212°F
FL-60 FL-60 PTFE 1.1" dia x 1.2" Cylinder 25 psi at 150°F 0.70 -40°F to 375°F

In the space below describe which levels need to have an interface float:


Set screw collars are recommended for turbulent or rugged applications

Weld collarGrip ring(standard)

Actuation Levels

Level Dimension Reed Switch
(VA Rating/Switch State)
Reed Switch Specification Chart
Contact Rating Type Max Switching Voltage Max Switching Current
70 VA / 50 W SPST 150 VAC / 200 VDC 0.7A AC / 1.0A DC
100 VA SPST 300 VAC / 350 VDC 1.0A AC / 1.0A DC
3 VA SPDT 100 VAC / DC 0.25A AC/DC
25 VA SPDT 150 VAC / DC 1.0A AC/DC
100 VA SPDT 120 VAC / DC 3.0A AC/DC
60 VA SPDT 220 VAC / DC 1.0A AC/DC
20 VA SPDT 150 VAC / DC 1.0A AC/DC

Maximum distance for level 1 is 71.0"
N.O. = Normally Open

N.C. = Normally Closed

SPDT = Single Pole Double Throw

Wiring Type

A. Common or Separate?
B. Receptacles, Lead Wires, or Cable?
ReceptacleLead wiresCable
C. If Receptacle, please select type


Temperature Sensing Options

Click here for Temperature Sensing Information


A. Relays
(for pump control applications choose the Dual Level Control relay)
B. Junction Boxes

C. Slosh guards

Indication or Alarms

Visual IndicationAudible Alarm

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