Audible Alarm

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This audible alarm box has a piezo buzzer that is rated at 95dBA at 2 feet. It can be triggered by any or our Standard or Made to Order float switches. Once the alarm sounts simply push the silence button to deactivate the buzzer. When the liquid level returns to normal the alarm is automatically reset and will sound again once the level is reached. The ABS plastic wall mountable junction box is rated Nema 4/4X for indoor or outdoor use. (4) stainless steel bracket mounting feet and screws are included. The box has a convenient hinged cover for easy access to wiring. This audible alarm is offered in different supply voltages to meet the needs of most any application.

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BUZR-PW-120APiezo audible alarm box, 120vac, 95db @ 2FT, silence button$140.00
BUZR-PW-12DPiezo audible alarm box, 12vdc, 95db @ 2FT, silence button$140.00
BUZR-PW-24DPiezo audible alarm box, 24vdc, 95db @ 2FT, silence button$140.00

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