Digital Panel Meter



Digital panel meters provide display, with options for relay outputs, and 4-20ma signal output. All the meters have universal supply voltage.

PDFPart #DescriptionPrice
DPM-5714-ADigital Panel Meter, Display only, 24-130vac or 24-150vdc$240.00
DPM-5714-BDigital Panel Meter, 2 relay outputs, 24-130vac or 24-150vdc$270.00
DPM-5714-CDigital Panel Meter, 4-20ma output, 24-130vac or 24-150vdc$320.00
DPM-5714-DDigital Panel Meter, 2 relay & 4-20ma output, 24-130vac or 24-150vdc$350.00

Additional information

Weight1.0 lbs
Dimensions8 x 8 x 8 in

DPM-5714-A, DPM-5714-B, DPM-5714-C, DPM-5714-D