Ultrasonic Level Sensor – Hazardous Area – 25 Foot Range – ULS-2428-EX


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The ULS-2428-EX is an intrinsically safe hazardous location approved class 1 div 1 ultrasonic level transmitter. This is a loop powered 4-20mA level transmitter which provides a continuous level indication in applications up to 25 feet.  The rugged housing is made of PC/PBT and PVDF, it has a standard 2″ NPT mounting thread, and has an IP65 environmental rating. It’s fully programable via the ULS-4101-USB interface module and free software. It requires 12-28vdc power and comes standard with 6ft of cable.

Operating Principle
The sensor sends out a sound wave toward the media in a pulsed fashion. The sound wave hits the media and reflects that sound back to the sensor. The sensor calculates the time it took for the sound to travel to determine the distance from the sensor to the media.

Additional information

Weight 4.0 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

ULS-301-S, ULS-150-S, ULS-301-SL, ULS-150-SL