|| Stainless & Buna || SM90-1100-SB

Discount Pricing! 5-24pcs 10%; 25-99pcs 20%; 100+ 30%


Stainless & Buna float switches are economical and durable. Buna-N delivers excellent buoyancy and long life in most water and oil applications and is typically used in Lubricating Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Gasoline and Diesel Fuel. The 90° bend allows for convenient mounting on the side of the tank or vessel. This float switch can also be mounted up or down to achieve different switch points and conditions.


Part # Reed Switch Dry State Price
SM90-1101-SB 70 VA N.O. / N.C. $55.00
SM90-1103-SB 100 VA N.O. / N.C. $59.40
SM90-1105-SB 3 VA SPDT $60.50


Operating Temp Maximum Pressure Float Spec. Gravity
180°F water (-40°F to 230°F oil) 150 PSI .47
Thread Float Lead Wires
3/8″-24 1.0″ diameter 20 AWG PVC 24″

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 2.2 × 2.2 × 6.2 in

SM90-1101-SB, 70 VA, N.O. / N.C., SM90-1103-SB, 100 VA, N.O. / N.C., SM90-1105-SB, 3 VA, SPDT

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