Mechanical Relay

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These compact mechanical relays are ideal for switching loads which exceed the ratings of the the float switch. they come in SPDT configurations to cover both normally open and normally closed requirements.

PDF Part # Description Price
R-OM120-15DP Power relay, 120vac, 15amp, SPDT contacts $25.00
R-OM240-15DP Power relay, 240vac, 15amp, SPDT contacts $30.00
R-OM24D-15DP Power relay, 24vdc, 15amp, SPDT contacts $30.00
R-PB120-30DP Power relay, 120vac, 30amp, SPDT contacts $30.00
PIB-100 Pump/valve shut down, 120vac, 15amp, Housed in a Nema4 PVC wall mount box $185.00

Additional information

Weight 0.18 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

R-OM120-15DP, R-OM240-15DP, R-OM24D-15DP, R-PB120-30DP, PIB-100

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