How a flood warning system can help you sleep better at night…

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The sudden rise of flood waters affects residential areas, business districts and municipal properties all across the country.  Flooding along the coasts and river beds due to storms, heavy rains and snow melt or flooding from the unexpected bursting of water pipes causes property damage into the billions each year.  In fact, floods are the #1 natural disaster in the United States that result in sometimes immeasurable loss to families, homes, and businesses.    Having a simple reliable  warning system in place to sound the alert at the first sign of rising water level can save lives and property in many cases.

A simple float switch and high water alarm provide a prompt warning of a potentially disastrous situation.  Steps can then be taken while there is still time to minimize and many times prevent loss of life and property.  A bracket mounted float switch or sump pump float switch and high water alarm is a simple and economical solution. These floats are rugged, compact, and can be installed in almost any location. They are  perfect for large sump pits, basins, and reservoirs that are prone to overfilling or flooding. For leak detection or to be alerted of a broken pipe, a low water conductive sensor would be the best choice.

Installing a high level float switch or water level sensor and a quality audible and visual alarm can help save lives and prevent costly property damage. You will sleep better at night knowing you are protected.

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