Never run out of fuel again! How tank level indicators keep equipment running all day long…

It’s critical for off highway vehicles, farm equipment, and generators to be fueled up and ready for work. On long trips it’s necessary to have enough fuel to get to your destination. When fuel gets low, this kind of heavy duty equipment needs to be filled up on site or on the go. Large diesel fuel transfer tanks are used to fuel up while on the move and to transport the fuel needed from the filling stations to the job site.

It’s important to monitor and control the tank level when filling and draining diesel fuel transfer tanks. Overfilling the tanks is hazardous to the environment and very costly to clean up.  Dispensing the fuel into other equipment or larger storage tanks is also a critical part of the process that needs to be controlled. Running out of fuel and dealing with spills will cause heavy delays resulting in lost time and money.

Float switch operated Tank Level Indicators and controls are a durable, dependable, and cost effective solution when storing, transporting and dispensing fuel. Reliable tank level indicators are necessary to know how much fuel is in the tank and prevent overfilling. A float switch operated tank level indicator is used to measure the exact fuel level in the tank from full to empty.  Float Sensors send a signal to an LED indicator box which displays exact fluid level so you always know how much fuel you have.  A dual level float switch and liquid level control relay can be used to operate fuel transfer pumps to automate the filling and draining of storage tanks. 

It’s important to Know the fuel level in these transfer tanks, and when to refill them. Having enough fuel on hand will keep you on the road and ensure your equipment stays up and running to get the job done. 

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