Dual Level Pump Control Relay

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This liquid level control relay can be used to control pumps or valves to automatically maintain the liquid level in a tank or vessel. It has hook up options for pump up or pump down applications. This relay is housed in a wall mount Nema 4/4x enclosure, comes with a 6ft power cord, and has two openings in the bottom. It requires the use of two float switches, one for high level and one for low level. Click the link below to specify a float switch for use with this relay.

PDF Part # Description Price
R-DLC120-NEMA4 Dual Level/Pump Control, 120vac, 10amp, Housed in a Nema4 PVC wall mount box $245.00
R-DLC230-NEMA4 Dual Level/Pump Control, 230vac, 5amp, Housed in a Nema4 PVC wall mount box $265.00
R-DLC24-NEMA4 Dual Level/Pump Control, 24vac, 10amp, Housed in a Nema4 PVC wall mount box $255.00
R-DLC-120 Dual Level/Pump Control, 120vac, 10amp $120.00
R-DLC-230 Dual Level/Pump Control, 230vac, 5amp $140.00
R-DLC-24 Dual Level/Pump Control, 24vac, 10amp $130.00

Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

R-DLC120-NEMA4, R-DLC230-NEMA4, R-DLC24-NEMA4, R-DLC-120, R-DLC-230, R-DLC-24

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