Automatic tank level pump control using float switches

Float switches are simple devices that can be easily installed into almost any size tank to automatically control the liquid level. Choosing the right liquid level float switch is easy. First determine the best material for the float switch by considering the liquid in the tank and what material the tank is made of. Think about how you would like to attach the float switch to the tank; the top of the tank or the side are the most common entry points. Two floats are needed to control the liquid level. Determine the on/off or start/stop positions for each float. If the tank needs to remain full at all times, position the two floats near the top of the tank, if the tank needs to fill or drain completely, choose float positions near the top and bottom of the tank. Once the float switches are chosen and configured, simply pair them with our dual level control relay to automatically control the liquid level in your tank. Other things to consider are temperature, viscosity, specific gravity, and turbulence. Contact a sales engineer to discuss how to handle these types of challenges.

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