Pulp and paper mill industries rely on bracket mounted float switches for sump pump control…

The pulp and paper mill industries use a lot of water in their manufacturing processes and generate huge amounts of wastewater in the process.

Where Can Liquid Level Float Switches Be Placed Within Tanks?

Vertical: The most common mounting for a float switch is in the top of the tank. They are usually inserted through a threaded opening and secured in place using a wrench. If there is not a [...]

How to Install a Vertical Liquid Level Float Switch

This is a basic tutorial to follow when installing or replacing a vertical liquid level float switch. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions for product specific information, [...]

Is it Time for a New Liquid Level Float Switch?

  Liquid level sensors or float switches are used to monitor liquid levels in tanks or other vessels and are designed to react according to predefined high or low levels. Some of the ways [...]

Automatic tank level pump control using float switches

Are you tired of cleaning up spills from your water tank, oil tank, or other liquid storage tank? Using a simple float switch and relay can solve this problem and save time, money, and [...]

Contractor for Universal Studios needs a level switch

A contractor for Universal Studios was called upon to come up with a solution to a possible environmental issue at the park.

Liquid Adhesive Level Application

A sound wave is sent from the Ultrasonic level sensor down to adhesive and then back to the sensor. The time the sound wave takes to return to the sensor would change depending on the level of [...]