Contractor for Universal Studios needs a level switch

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A contractor for Universal Studios was called upon to come up with a solution to a possible environmental issue at the park. The contractor was installing a generator on top of a concrete slab sitting atop of a 16” catch basin. The catch basin would collect any diesel fuel in case of a spill and also water as the basin is open to the elements.

An Innovative Components bracket mounted level switch was speced in and installed at the top of the catch basin extending down 8” to alert the park when the basin was  ½ full of the water/fuel mixture.  Once alerted a park employee would open the filtered valve draining the clean liquid out of the basin.  Without the level switch alerting the park the basin would eventually overflow spilling the water/fuel mixture into the environment. Float switches can be used for a high level/low level condition, to control a pump or valve, for heater protection or for multi-point or continuous indication.

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