How to Install a Vertical Liquid Level Float Switch

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This is a basic tutorial to follow when installing or replacing a vertical liquid level float switch. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions for product specific information, instructions, and warnings.

Unpack the Liquid Level Float Switch

  • Carefully unpack the instrument and inspect all pieces for any damage.
  • Make sure that all components have been removed from the packaging and check the contents against the packing list.
  • If anything is damaged or missing, contact the manufacturer immediately.
  • It is a good idea to record the model and serial numbers for future reference when ordering parts.

Prepare the Liquid Level Float Switch and Mounting Area

  • Ensure that the inside diameter and length of the mounting is the correct size for the switch you ordered.
  • Gather the tools you will need, including wrenches, thread sealant, gaskets, and/or bolting as appropriate.
  • Make sure the float area is kept free of metallic particles that can be attracted to the float’s magnet.
  • Check if the switch is set up for N.O. (Normally Open) or N.C. (Normally Closed).
  • The switch can be changed from N.O. to N.C. by inverting the float stem.

Mount the Liquid Level Float Switch

Vertical liquid level float switches can be mounted in the top or the bottom of the tank.

  • Make sure the mounting area is free of turbulence or direct streams.
  • Apply thread sealant to mounting threads.
  • Initially engage threads by hand to avoid damage.
  • Use a wrench to rotate the switch in a clockwise direction until the threads are tight in the mounting.

Wire the Switch

    • Wire the switch according to the manufacturer’s wiring diagram.
    • Two common wiring styles are SPST (single pole, single throw) and SPDT (single pole, double throw).

After following the instructions carefully, you should have a fully functioning vertical liquid level switch.


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