Where Can Liquid Level Float Switches Be Placed Within Tanks?

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The most common mounting for a float switch is in the top of the tank. They are usually inserted through a threaded opening and secured in place using a wrench. If there is not a threaded opening a flange mounted sensor can be installed through a blind hole and bolted down. Another option is to install the float from the inside of the tank or fasten it to a lid with a nut and bolt. These sensors can also be installed in the bottom of the tank using these same methods but be sure to use the proper gaskets and sealants to prevent any leaks. We have hundreds of different mounting options and configurations available.





Sometimes access to the top or bottom of a tank is not ideal and mounting to the side of that tank makes more sense. Side mounted float switches are a great option that allow the sensor to be installed at the exact liquid level location. They can be installed through a threaded opening or bolted to the tank using a flange connection. Internal mounting is also an option using washers, gaskets and fastening with a nut.



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