Innovative tank level indicators and gauges aid with rainwater harvesting and collection…

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Harvesting rainwater is becoming increasingly more important, especially in areas of drought.  Climate change is affecting water supply everywhere with long hot dry spells, many states are in a major water deficit, and the need to collect, store, and treat rainwater is necessary.

The storage tanks used to collect the rainwater require water level controls or float switches to indicate the level in the tank and control pumps and valves. Not having these controls can lead to costly water loss, and property or equipment damage. Our LKI series tank level indicator provides clear full to empty indication of the water level. Relays can also be added to control pumps and valves used in irrigation systems, potable water treatment, and other various filtration and treatment systems.

We custom make our tank level gauges to various lengths to accommodate storage tanks located above ground, underground, large or small. Water conservation and the availability of water is critical to our quality of life. Storing and transporting the collected water is easy using our tank level indicators and water level controls.

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