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Oil comes in many grades and is used in a wide variety of applications, including home heating oil, diesel fuel, motor oil, kerosene, etc… and with new alternative fuels like biodiesel becoming more popular there is a great need to safely store, transfer, and monitor these liquids.
Innovative components manufacturers liquid level switches and temperature sensors for a wide range applications in oil and diesel fuel including generator sets, off road compressors, Transit Buses, and more.
Most every tank, vessel, or container needs to have a liquid level sensor or float switch to provide accurate level indication and also give warnings of spills or leaks. Our float level sensors are critical to safety, security, and help protect the environment.
Tank level indication provides an accurate full to empty measurement of the fluid level inside of the tank. Whether it’s a small home oil heating tank or large 100,000 gal above ground tank we can make a sensor for it. We offer continuous float level indication with resolutions up to ¼”, highly accurate non contact ultrasonic distance sensors with ranges up to 30 feet, mechanical tape level indicators, and multi point sensors with LED readout displays. All of these different sensors can be made to your specifications and most often delivered in 2 weeks.
High and low level alarms are common in this industry and many laws require tanks have these safety precautions in place. Our standard single point float switches solve this problem and are low cost, reliable, and easy to install. Used in conjunction with any of our audible or visual alarms they provide the perfect solution to safe guard against costly spills and protect heaters and pumps from damage due to low level conditions. Diesel fuel / oil level sensing and indication is a very common application across a broad number of industries with 1,000’s of applications.

Whatever your needs are, Innovative Components has the solution for you!

  • Waste oil tanks

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  • Spill containment

  • Tank Level indication

  • Sprayers

  • Farm equipment

  • Bulk storage drums

  • Tank farms


Innovative Components has designed sensors for many different applications to accurately measure all kinds of fuels and oils. Browse our selection of products below or call to specify a liquid level float switch or temperature sensor for your application.